Sailor ebonite Syokei

Written by Catherine on Friday 10 November 2023 in Japanese pens

We are expecting a beautiful Sailor Syokei in Japanese ebonite. Syokei means Admiration. The body color is inspired by the Ukiyo-e print art 'Tsurebiki,' a masterpiece by Harunobu Suzuki, known for his beautiful doll-like portrayal of people in his ukiyo-e woodblock print art. He mixed chalk to express neutral colors, giving his art a lyrical and particular touch. By admiring 'Tsurebiki', Sailor brought Harunobu Suzuki's style to life in the Syokei's color theme by lavishing layers of colored ebonite. Reserve yours, we have more then one coming in! Expected December '23.

Pelikan M1000 Dragon Maki-e limited edition.

Written by Catherine on Wednesday 27 September 2023 in Japanese pens

Each year Pelikan joins a M1000 fountain pen with traditional Japanese craftmanship. In 2023 we welcome the Dragon. The Dragon is a very significant legendary spiritual, mythical creature in Chinese mythology, appearing in myths, ornaments, works of art, and architecture of East Asia. It is a powerful symbol and is considered to be the source of all the power. It is often used as a symbol of Chinese emperors. Dragon summons thunderclouds and storms, becomes a tornado, rises into the sky, and flies freely. It lurks in the abyss in autumn and rises to the heavens in spring. With 123 copies for the world we can offer you one!



Nakaya Ama-iro alert.

Written by Catherine on Tuesday 29 August 2023 in Japanese pens

Ama-iro is one of these rare colors with Nakaya. They are not in the regular line up and painted every five or ten years? The color is lightblue with hints of turkish or ice blue depending on the trims. This is your chance to order a Nakaya Ama-iro pen NOW. They will be painted shortly and you can choose from the next pens CP, WP, CPic, Wpic, CL, CP17mm, CPL 17, NEO. Delivery is around may-jun 2024.

We can only order a few pens per shape. The reservation deadline is 15 september and closed.


Namiki Limited Edition White Rabbit 2023

Written by Catherine on Wednesday 16 August 2023 in Japanese pens

It is here ... almost the latest Namiki Limited Edition White Rabbit 2023! Masahiro Yamada decided to stage the legend of the white rabbit of Inaba and the deity Okuninushi on a background of lacquer and platinum powder. Famous for his bravery and courage, the white rabbit's animal shell hid the form of a God: a God of longevity thanks to his incredible survivability in the face of life's obstacles. One hundred pieces are made for the world and twenty of them will land in Europe. Expected October '23.

Herewith a cute video with the story of the Hare of Inaba. Scroll the pages!





Pelikan Souverän M1000 Red Infinity limited edition

Written by Catherine on Wednesday 21 June 2023 in Japanese pens

The Pelikan Souverän M1000 Red Infinity limited edition is the next pen in the raden saga. It is made with particles from the Australian abalone shell, and the greenish hues used for this precious fountain pen are scarce. The surface of the M1000 is painted in a red urushi coating and sprinkled with silver powder to give it a sparkling appearance. The rectangular abalone stripes are fixed to the cap and barrel. Finally, after months of elaborate work, the artist signs each fountain pen using the highly valued Maki-e technique.


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