Pelikan Maki-e Ivy and Komon

Written by Catherine on Thursday 16 May 2024 in Japanese pens

The evergreen Ivy is often written about in poems because of its glossy, beautiful autumn leaves, and was often used as decoration, covering the exterior walls of buildings. The so-called Komon is one of the traditional Japanese kimono patterns in which the same pattern is dyed repeatedly in the same direction. The Pelikan maki-e M1000 “Ivy and Komon” has brilliant orange ivy covering the fountain pen, and in combination with the Komon patterns, it depicts a beautiful autumn. 123 pieces for the world.


Sailor KOP Noh, Hagoromo limited edition

Written by Catherine on Friday 1 March 2024 in Japanese pens

Sailor KOP Hagomoro is the first limited edition in a new series dedicated to NOH. Kabuki and Nôh represent the most classical form of Japanese theater and drama. Theater, dance, and music follow strict rules and age-old traditions. Master Isshu Tamura created a delicate and beautiful fountain pen in black urushi, raden and gold. Only 32pcs for the world. 


Sailor Nawate Fountain Pens

Written by Catherine on Tuesday 19 December 2023 in Japanese pens

Sailor Kaku Nawate fountain pens have an ebony body (wood) covered with urushi and are decorated with haku-shirashi nuri. The cap is finished with a raised line, making these pens more elegant. They are different from shiny urushi but have something exclusive in their austerity. The wooden box resembles a shrine, which is quite impressive, too.


Sailor ebonite Syokei

Written by Catherine on Friday 10 November 2023 in Japanese pens

We are expecting a beautiful Sailor Syokei in Japanese ebonite. Syokei means Admiration. The body color is inspired by the Ukiyo-e print art 'Tsurebiki,' a masterpiece by Harunobu Suzuki, known for his beautiful doll-like portrayal of people in his ukiyo-e woodblock print art. He mixed chalk to express neutral colors, giving his art a lyrical and particular touch. By admiring 'Tsurebiki', Sailor brought Harunobu Suzuki's style to life in the Syokei's color theme by lavishing layers of colored ebonite. Reserve yours, we have more then one coming in! Expected December '23.

Pelikan M1000 Dragon Maki-e limited edition.

Written by Catherine on Wednesday 27 September 2023 in Japanese pens

Each year Pelikan joins a M1000 fountain pen with traditional Japanese craftmanship. In 2023 we welcome the Dragon. The Dragon is a very significant legendary spiritual, mythical creature in Chinese mythology, appearing in myths, ornaments, works of art, and architecture of East Asia. It is a powerful symbol and is considered to be the source of all the power. It is often used as a symbol of Chinese emperors. Dragon summons thunderclouds and storms, becomes a tornado, rises into the sky, and flies freely. It lurks in the abyss in autumn and rises to the heavens in spring. With 123 copies for the world we can offer you one!



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