Namiki Emperor Shijin Limited Edition

Written by Catherine on Saturday 19 September 2020 in Japanese pens

The "Shijin", traditional figures in Chinese mythology, are represented by four sacred animals, guardians of the four cardinal directions in Feng Shui art. Each "Shijin" is associated with a symbolic color and an element that makes up the natural world : wood, metal, fire, and water. The Namiki Emperor Shijin limited edition 2020 is arriving in October. It brings good luck and good fortune!  Only 99 pieces for the world, only one for Sakura Gallery. 


Pilot Capless Link Black limited edition

Written by Catherine on Saturday 12 September 2020 in Japanese pens

 The Capless Link Black, the 2020 limited edition, goes even further in total look black. Riding on the revival of Milanese mesh in watchmaking, it has adopted Italian elegance with its body engraved with the legendary mesh's motives coming back on luxury watches' bracelets. A satin black engraved body, a matte black clip, and black satin trims.



Eboya 10th Anniversary pens

Written by Catherine on Friday 4 September 2020 in Japanese pens

Last year we ordered the Eboya 10th Anniversary fountain pens. It takes about seven months to have them ready, so they could only arrive in 2020 :o). Four lovely colors which change in a different light! They are very limited, first come, first serve!

Nakaya Dorsal Fin I Ishime Kanshitsu.

Written by Catherine on Wednesday 27 May 2020 in Japanese pens

Dorsal Fin pens are pretty impressive but with an ishime finish, they become really special. Ishime imitiates a sand or stone structure and it can be realized by particulated materials. By chosing Kanshitsu technique, dry lacquer powder is used to create the stony surface. 


Namiki Limited Edition Yukari 'Daruma'

Written by Catherine on Thursday 12 March 2020 in Japanese pens

The Japanese doll Daruma is inspired by the monk Bodhidarma, the founder of Zen Buddhism. According to the legend, he spent nine years meditating in front of a wall, which cost him his eyelids and limbs.

Today Daruma is a familiar good luck charm for those who wish to succeed, and each color represents a particular field. This Namiki Yukari Daruma is delivered in a beautiful box with a leather pen pouch, convertor, and certificate. Only 300 pieces for the world! Expected end of March!



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