Say hello to the new Pelikan M205 Star Ruby!

Written by Catherine on Thursday 19 September 2019 in Writing instruments

Look at life through rose-colored glasses … or through the new Special Edition Pelikan M205 Star Ruby! This special edition is sure to bring a smile on your face, with a beautiful shimmering burgundy-pink translucent finish. Pair it up with Pelikan’s Ink Of The Year 2019 Star Ruby for a bold touch of color!


The Long-awaited Pelikan M1005 Stresemann Special Edition is finally here!

Written by Catherine on Saturday 7 September 2019 in Writing instruments

After some production delays, Pelikan finally introduces their next special edition release. The Souverän M1005 Stresemann is the third Souverän pen to receive the Stresemann finish (after the immensely popular M805 and M405 releases), and pays homage to German Politician Gustav Stresemann and his iconic pinstripe suits! The stately ‘flagship’ M1005 size is coveted amongst collectors and those who wish to enjoy the fabulous soft 18k gold nib.


Leonardo Officina Italiana pens !

Written by Catherine on Saturday 25 May 2019 in Writing instruments

We couldn't resist the Leonardo Officina Italiana pens :o) To be honest these are the best steel nibs I have ever tested !


Pelikan Special Edition Souverän 600 Violet-White

Written by Catherine on Tuesday 2 April 2019 in Writing instruments

The new Pelikan Special Edition 600 Violet-White will be available from May '19. Reserve yours they will be around for a short periode of time.


Blackwing Vol. 4 The Mars Pencil

Written by Catherine on Tuesday 18 December 2018 in Writing instruments



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