Noh, Hagoromo, KOP limited edition * Sailor Maki-e

Noh, Hagoromo, KOP limited edition * Sailor Maki-e

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Art Maki-e
Brand Sailor
Name Limited Edition Hagoromo
Lim. Edit. #32
Artist Mr Isshu Tamura
Technique urushi, raden, mother of pearl
Nib 21kt M
Filling inktpatronen/convertor
Lenght 153 mm
Diameter 18 mm
Weight 38 gr
Packaging wooden box, cartridge, convertor, kimono, polishing cloth, certificate


Nib size/color/other

€ 4 800,00



Kabuki and Nôh represent the most classical form of Japanese theater and drama. Theater, dance, and music are performed according to strict rules and age-old traditions.

Sailor Noh, Hagomoro KOP fountain pen is the first in a series of limited editions made in black urushi and raden. The top artist Issu Tamura is no stranger to Sailor. Born in 1957, he received traditional Kaga Maki-e gold lacquer training from master craftsman Ikko Kiyose in Kanazawa. With a refined skill set in this technique, master Tamura embarked on a journey to craft exceptional original artworks. His mastery extends to lacquerware, luxury fountain pens, and wristwatches, which have garnered global recognition for their intricate detail and exquisite beauty. 

The story of Hagoromo.
One spring morning, the fisherman, Hakuryo, leaves for his fishing boat. When he arrives at the beach, he finds a beautiful feather cloak on the tree branch: the Hagomoro! He wants to take it with him until a young woman appears to him and asks him to give her cloak back. Hakuryo refuses, but the woman can never return to her mythical world without her magical coat. Hakuryo, impressed by the heavenly appearance, returns the cloak on the condition that the woman dance for him. The young woman agrees to his proposal, puts on the beautiful feather cloak, and performs “The Dance of the Moon” for the fisherman, after which she mysteriously disappears into the mist.

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