Sailor limited edition Taki-to-Higuma or Waterfall and Brown Bear

Written by Catherine on Friday 14 December 2018 in Japanese pens

The thirth pen in the limited edition serie Sailor Taki-to-Higuma - Waterfall and Brown Bearhas been released ! It is a remarkable pen depicting Brown Bears catching fish in the shallow water near the waterfall. 


Pilot Custom Urushi

Written by Catherine on Saturday 28 July 2018 in Japanese pens

The Pilot Customs Urushi in black or red is finaly available for the world ! On pictures the pen looks nice until you open the box ! The PCU surprises by its size. It is mounted with an 18-kt size 30 nib in duo tone gold. The pen is delivered in a stylish black box with 2 cartridges and a convertor. It is not a limited edition nor a temporary offer but made to order. We have some stock ;o)


Platinum #3776 Century Kumpoo

Written by Catherine on Thursday 21 June 2018 in Japanese pens

The next pen in the Platinum Fuji Shunkei series is the #3776 Century Kumpoo. The inspiration is a soft breeze swirling over the green grass. They are available in very small quatities so reserve yours !


Sailor Susutake

Written by Catherine on Wednesday 12 July 2017 in Japanese pens

Sailor Susutake pens are becoming rare even in Japan. To see them back in Europe is exceptional. If you have missed the Susutake before this may be your chance to buy this beautiful pen.

Nakaya Nuno Kise Honkataji arai-shu !

Written by Catherine on Wednesday 31 May 2017 in Japanese pens

After eight months finaly in the house the Nakaya Nuno Kise Honkataji in an arai shu colour. Half mat brown-orange-vermillion colour which will enlighten with time. The intentional "crack" refers to worn negoro nuri lacquerware. 

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