Nakaya Dorsal Fin I Ishime Kanshitsu.

Written by Catherine on Wednesday 27 May 2020 in Japanese pens

Dorsal Fin pens are pretty impressive but with an ishime finish, they become really special. Ishime imitiates a sand or stone structure and it can be realized by particulated materials. By chosing Kanshitsu technique, dry lacquer powder is used to create the stony surface. 


Caran d'Ache and Sir Paul Smith

Written by Catherine on Wednesday 13 May 2020 in Writing instruments

When Sir Paul Smith and Caran d´Ache join hands, it gives some fireworks. Paul Smith, known for its striped motifs and exuberant colors, created a trendy and delicious touch to the Caran d´Ache 849 Paul Smith LE ballpoint pens.


Lovi 'Korento' 3D puzzel card

Written by Catherine on Thursday 12 March 2020 in Accessories

A guest blog post by Maqiulin.

LOVI is a family-run business based in Finland that produces lovely magical 3D-puzzle postcards. The cards are made of sustainable birch plywood and are easily assembled by hand. The dragonfly, “korento” in Finnish, is associated with summertime and the abundant forests which house these magical little creatures. This card will serve as a charming gift for a loved one and is a wonderful reminder of a special moment and will grace any desk, Christmas tree and so on. These whimsical figures are pure magic!


Namiki Limited Edition Yukari 'Daruma'

Written by Catherine on Thursday 12 March 2020 in Japanese pens

The Japanese doll Daruma is inspired by the monk Bodhidarma, the founder of Zen Buddhism. According to the legend, he spent nine years meditating in front of a wall, which cost him his eyelids and limbs.

Today Daruma is a familiar good luck charm for those who wish to succeed, and each color represents a particular field. This Namiki Yukari Daruma is delivered in a beautiful box with a leather pen pouch, convertor, and certificate. Only 300 pieces for the world! Expected end of March!



Nakaya shu-nurippanashi.

Written by Catherine on Saturday 29 February 2020 in Japanese pens

One of the revelations at the Nakaya event last year was the finish Shu-nurippanashi. (recently the term nurippanashi was altered into nurihanashi)

Shu Nurippanashi is built on a black urushi middle layer, on which only two top layers of red coatings are painted. The black color influences the red color towards a darker red. Actually, the back layer is slightly visible through the red layer. At the edges, top, and end parts the black urushi is more visible. It creates a finish that resembles Negoro-Nuri lacquerware.  The red urushi has been mixed with a bit of oil to bring out the natural luster of urushi. It can not be polished (Nurippanashi), and so it gets its subtle satin finish.

Negoro Nuri is a lacquer technique from the 14th century: black lacquer over red or vice versa. Artifacts made from this technique are highly coveted amongst collectors. With use over time, the red or black topcoat will wear slightly, revealing some parts of the underlying base creating a genuine ‘Wabi-Sabi’ product, unique to the user. If this will happen with your pen? I’m not sure but it makes the shu-nurippanashi finish definitely special.


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