Sailor Seikkei ebonite limited edition.

Written by Catherine on Wednesday 8 February 2023 in Japanese pens - Be the first to comment

Sailor Seikei is a limited edition King of Pen made of high-quality Japanese ebonite. Seikei refers to snowy scenery as in the Ukiyo-e print Snowy Muko-Jima of Kawase Hasui. The ebonite of this Seikei is laminated ebonite. A production process in which different colors are built up layer by layer until the desired mass and shape is obtained. Therefore it is possible to observe pin holes or tiny particles in the material, but it adds all to the character of the ebonite.

These pens are very popular due to their exquisite ebonite and unique colors. We only choose the NMF nib sizes since these are more suitable for the western writing style.




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