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The UTTOKO Company is located in the middle of Kyoto city, the ancient capital of Japan and the heart of the kimono industry. UTTOKO creates exclusive pen sleeves! High-quality vintage kimono shops provide unique fabrics to owner and designer Aiko Homma. The combination of Aiko's craft and Japanese vintage fabric makes each pen sleeve a precious item. They are all handmade with utmost precision.


UTTOKO quick reference
Reference SIZE sleeve SIZE pen SUITABLE for ... etc.
Extra Large 200/40mm 185/20mm namiki emperor, danitrio genkai
Long 17mm 180/35mm 166/17mm nakaya long cigar 17mm
Large 170/30mm 154/18mm plat izumo, sailor kop
Portable 165/30mm 150/15mm nakaya portable, MB 149
Regular 160/30mm 146/15mm custom 845, MB legrand, 2000
Piccolo 145/30mm 130/15mm nakaya piccolo, sailor pg


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