Phoenix Lacquer Art

Phoenix Lacquer Art presents the very best of traditional Russian lacquer style. Inna Kaufman, the CEO of Phoenix Lacquer Art, who is herself of Russian origin, has spent the last 30 years promoting Russian Lacquer Art throughout Europe, unlocking in the process the carefully-guarded secrets of Fedoskino, Palekh, Mystera and Kholui. On the theme of Palekh lacquer art, she has organised a number of successful exhibitions in the Netherlands and in Belgium. With her experience, expertise and passion for Russian Lacquer Art, Inna works with around 35 top artists and some very promising young talented craftsmen. She knows each artist personally and takes into account their individual speciality, inspiring them to bring out the best of themselves. Phoenix Lacquer Art presents limited editions of fountain pens which are rare and breathtaking collector's items.