Viking Grafika 70 professional lay-out pad A4 * Viking 1914

Brand Viking 1914
Name Grafika 70 - Professional layout paper
Size A4 - 100 pag - 70 g
Marking blanc
Specials 1 side glued




€ 9,50


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Grafika 70 is a professional 70 gram marker paper. Perhaps surprisingly, this versatile product is also great for fountain pens. The paper is less smooth than the Vektor 70 and has slightly more "tooth". No feathering, no bleeding and just a hint of ghosting - a must-have!

All Viking paper pads have robust, durable covers with an irresistible metallic look. Most pads are landscape format, but they're also perfect in portrait. The paper is glued on 1 or 2 sides, and the backing is made of 3 mm heavy robust board.

In 2010, Jens Myhren Thomsen took over the reins of the business. He lost no time in taking the company back to its roots. The key to Viking’s success became a winning combination of Danish design, Danish production and the Scandinavian principle of simplicity, beauty and pure lines, with the emphasis on product quality, functionality and durability. Viking 1914 offers professional paper that is excellent for fountain pens and other creative applications.

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