Urushi nib holder * Kakimori tools

Brand Kakimori
Prod name nib holder, sakura wood, urushi
Dim 178 x 11 mm
Weight 10 gr
Manufacturer Nakamura Woodworks, Tachikawa Pin, Komai Lacquer Manufacturing
Designer Makoto Koizumi
Made in  Japan




€ 90,00


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The Kakimori urushi nib holder is crafted from Japanese cherry and lacquered using the fuki-urushi (wiped urushi) technique, whereby the wood is impregnated with urushi lacquer. The nib holders are ink-dyed before being lacquered to highlight both the beauty of the woodgrain and the lacquer itself. It is designed to universal specifications to fit a standard nib of your choice. 

To prevent distortion and discolouration, avoid soaking in water, sudden temperature changes or extreme heat, and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
Due to the nature of the material and treatment, grain and colour will vary between pieces.
If marked with ink, wipe clean with a soft cloth.
When removing the nib from the nib holder, gently pull it out while turning to avoid dislodging the nib mount.
After rinsing, shake well in a downward motion to remove any water or ink from the nib mount before inserting a nib.

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