Ukiyo-e Taira no Kagekiyo 'The Samurai' * Nippon Art Namiki

Brand Namiki
Collection Nippon Art Collection
Name Ukiyo-e Taira no Kagekiyo
Material resin, urushi
Technique Hira Maki-e
Nib 14 kt gold - size 5
Filling cartridge, convertor
Length 151 mm
Diam. 14 mm
Weight 19 gr


Nib size/color/other



€ 665,00


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The Namiki Nippon Art Collection takes traditional Japanese and auspicious subjects known the world over and has them drawn on a black lacquered background in Hira Maki-e. The shiny black of the lacquer, along with the overflowing vibrancy from each work makes it a sight to behold. This slender pen has a nice weight and could be one of your everyday writers.

In the late 17th, early 18th century, a new artistic movement called "ukiyo-e" emerged in Japan. Vaguely translated into "the floating life", ukiyo-e found inspiration in nature and the Japanese working class. Ukiyo-e is known for its woodblock prints. Despite the fact they were mass-produced, they had a very high artistic value. The movement was characterized by clear designs, bold compositions, and a lack of shade. In addition to landscape portraits, ukiyo-e also featured geishas, sumo wrestlers, and kabuki actors. Well-known artists include Hiroshige and Hokusai.

Note: Urushi doesn’t like direct sunlight. Therefore keep your pens with a precious Urushi lacquer in a protected environment. A pen pouch, pen chest or closed drawer is sufficient.

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