Syokei, Admiration, Naginata Togi Ebonite fountain pen * Sailor

Brand Sailor
Name Syokkei
Type Japanese fountain pen
Lim. Edition 443, 445 /500
Material ebonite
Nib 21kt Naginata Togi MF
Filling cartridge, convertor
Length 152,1mm
Diam 20mm
Weight 36,2gr


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€ 1 885,00


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The Sailor Syokei fountain pen, features the 21k gold KOP Nakignata Togi nib and a body crafted with the colored ebonite in a chirashi (scattering) technique.

The 2023 release of the coveted colored Sailor ebonite series is Syokei, meaning Admiration. The body color is inspired by the Ukiyo-e print art 'Tsurebiki,' a masterpiece by Harunobu Suzuki, known for his beautiful doll-like portrayal of people in his ukiyo-e woodblock print art. He mixed chalk to express neutral colors, giving his art a lyrical and particular touch. By admiring 'Tsurebiki', Sailor brought Harunobu Suzuki's style to life in the Syokei's color theme by lavishing layers of colored ebonite.

Each pen is engraved with a serial number and features a unique Syokei pattern. Experience the warm feeling of ebonite in your hand and cherish its beauty as you enjoy an exclusive writing experience with Sailor's rare Naginata Togi nib. Only 500 pcs for the world.

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