SC104 Pen box for 8 pens * Toyooka Craft

SC104 Pen box for 8 pens * Toyooka Craft

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Brand Toyooka Craft
Name SC104
Type pen box 8 pens
Size 21,5 x 9 x 10 cm
Material alder wood, plywood, rayon
Color chestnut
Capacity 2 trays 4 pens
Pen slot 25/12 mm
Weight 463 gr
Specials Made in Japan




€ 150,00


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Toyooka Craft makes beautiful wooden attributes. From pen rests to foldable tables, watch boxes and office accessories. Everything is manufactured according to the Kumi-ki technique, in which unique connections and polishing techniques keep the wooden parts together. Metal is not involved.

American alder wood, plywood, acrylic, and a beautiful rayon inner lining are the ingredients for the Toyooka Craft pen boxes. They are finished in a hazelnut-honey color. Each box is compact and lightweight. The pen slots measure 25 mm by 200 mm with a  central gutter of 12mm.

We did the test: Namiki Emperor, Pilot Custom Urushi, and Danitrio Mikado fit perfectly in all of the boxes. In width, they take up all the space so that laying two large pens next to each other feels cramped but you can place slim pens in between. Stacking trays with large fountain pens is possible, provided you turn the clip a quarter to the inside.

Note: you can clean the transparent acrylic (or Plexi) lid with a microfibre cloth that you dip in a mild soap solution of warm water with a bit of washing-up liquid. Wring out well, and then wipe the Plexiglas.

Toyooka Craft Co., Ltd. is a Japanese woodworking company founded in 1969 in Hamamatsu and originally made organs and drums, and pianos for Nihon Gakki, now YAMAHA. In 1982 they switched to producing office equipment such as pencil cases, desk accessories, collection boxes, and small office furniture. Today the company counts 13 employees.

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