Salon de Violet Teranishi Guitar Roman Haikara Ink * Teranishi Chemical Industry

Brand Teranishi Chemical Industries
Collection Guitar Roman Haikara
Name salon de violet
Type vulpeninkt
Size 40ml
Specials made in Japan




€ 21,50


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Teranishi Chemical Industries was founded during the Taisho period in 1918 and gained fame as one of the first ink manufacturers. Taisho was a historical period between 1912 and 1926, influenced by Western culture, lifestyle, fashion, and habits, including fountain pens and ink. Taisho is often remembered as a romantic time, and therefore Teranishi releases for its 105th anniversary several retro inks, which carry lots of hints to the early founding days.

Teranishi inks are water-based and come in a lovely 40ml glass bottle. The top of the lid is beautifully decorated with a reprint of one of the early trademark designs. Each bottle carries a tag to use as your proper color sample. The packaging is richly decorated in fine lines with an almost art deco touch. The ink flows smooth and silky as only Japanese inks do. 

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