Sailor Rei Wajima Akebono-nuri * Sailor Rei Series

Brand Sailor
Serie Rei
Name Rei Akebono
Technique akebono-nuri
Material Ebonite, urushi
Nib 21kt gold M
Filling cartridge/convertor
Length 151mm
Diam 17mm
Weight 31,2gr
Specials clipless


Nib size/color/other

€ 1 325,00



The Sailor Rei series are ebonite fountain pens finished with a Wajima urushi lacquer. Wajima is a region in the north of Japan. It is the center of choice for the processing of urushi and renowned for its high-quality urushi.

The Sailor Rei series is made in Kawari-nuri. Kawari-nuri is the collective name for experimental urushi coating techniques. It includes a whole series of subcategories, depending on the method used.

Akebono refers to the gradual color transition from red to black or vice versa. It seems very simple, but with urushi, all simple things are very deceiving. Urushi does not blend like watercolor or oil paint. A perfect color transition requires a lot of professional knowledge.

This pen is made in an ebonite body with a PMMA finger grip. The nib is 21kt gold and available in M. It fills with Sailor ink cartridges or converter and comes in a wooden Paulownia box with pen kimono. Nice to know: this Sailor Rei has no clip. The Sailor Rei series will be available regularly but not permanently.

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