Prof Gear Slim Mini Night Blue * Sailor

Prof Gear Slim Mini Night Blue * Sailor

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Brand Sailor
Name Prof Gear Slim mini Night Blue
Type compact fountain pen
Material resin
Nib 14 kt gold
Length 106/132 mm
Diam. 17mm
Weight 15,8 gr
Filling cartridges only
Specials gold trim


Nib size/color/other

€ 191,00



The Sailor Professional Gear Slim mini is a real pocket pen. This mini fountain pen has a 14kt gold-colored nib which writes wonderfully. You place the cap on the back of the pen as an extension so that it lies comfortably in your hand. When closed, it only measures 106mm. The 17mm gripping section is made of a dark blue resin! The Prof Gear slim mini can be filled with an ink cartridge and, with a MINI convertor! The colors of this range will be limited in time.

Sailor is known worldwide for its writing instruments and unique 21kt gold nibs. This eminently Japanese brand has a proud history of more than 100 years of excellent craftsmanship. Since the company was founded in 1911, it has been Sailor's goal to produce fountain pens that offer excellent writing performance. With the Professional Gear line, Sailor has created a pen for everyday use. The cap and barrel are flattened at the top and bottom, and the anchor logo has been placed on the top of the cap.

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