Pilot Custom 823 transparent brown * pilot

Brand Pilot
Name Custom 823
Color transparent brown
Material acrylic resin
Nib 14k gold - size 6
Filling vacuum piston mechanism
Length 14,9 cm
Diam 10/12mm
Weight 29gr


Nib size/color/other

€ 350,00



The Pilot Custom 823 has long been excluded from the European market, but finally, we can enjoy this special pen. Pilot Custom 823 is a classically constructed pen in transparent acrylic with gold-colored trims, somewhat longer than the average Japanese pen.

The filling mechanism is a vacuum plunger-type system. That means that a lot of ink can be filled and it is leak-proof on the aircraft.

The special alloy of the 14kt nib, however, deserves most of our attention. The nib was originally designed to display fine details in Japanese characters. The delicate elasticity of this nib results in a heavenly writing sensation. This pen belongs in every collection!

Note: You slightly open the button at the back of the body so that the ink can flow to the guide. Otherwise, the pen will not write.

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