MD notebook A6 * blanc * Midori

Brand Midori
Name MD Notebook A6
Pages  176 pag. - creme coloured
Size 10,5 x 15 cm 


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€ 10,90


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Midori Diary paper was developed in the 1960s and was initially intended for diaries. This "made in Japan" product is tastefully crafted for excellent writing comfort: no bleed, no feather, no ghost.

Despite the automated processes involved in manufacture, the characteristics of the finished paper can vary depending on the prevailing temperature and moisture, and to guarantee consistently high quality a physical inspection is carried out as regards product appearance and feel.

MD notebooks are bound. Conventional binding is usually reserved for diaries and rarely used for notebooks. However, MD paper deserves the best, so Midori made an exception! And thanks to this exception, MD notebooks stay open for easy notetaking.

The MD notebook does not have a decorated cover. Instead, the back features plain cheesecloth tape that strengthens the binding. The MD label is synonymous with simple, no-nonsense design.

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