Luxury writing set "Erbario d'Agarone" * Le Pigeon Voyageur

Brand Le pigeon voyageur
Name Erbario d'Agarone
Type 6 luxury cards
Specials pre-folded envelopes, A6 cards, adress labels




€ 42,00


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Le Pigeon Voyageur is truly a feast for the eyes. With their romantic-medieval je ne sais quoi, this exclusive set of greeting cards is a unique blend of simplicity and sophistication that creates just the right impression. Le Pigeon Voyageur stationery is manufactured in Switzerland. It is designed and printed with care and assembled by hand. 

The pre-folded +/- A3 paper, bedecked with dried flowers, creates an envelope around a beautiful paper card. The card itself has a milled edge and a soft felt-like feel like cotton paper. The matching address stamp has a perforated edge that sticks neatly to the folding edge of the envelope. The recipient opens the envelope simply by tearing the address stamp on the perforated edge.

These greeting cards are for a select group of your acquaintances. And if you write your message with a fountain pen and choose a special colour, this card will be treasured, perhaps forever!

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