Kobue Taiyou fountain pen * Eboya

Brand eboya
Name Kobue Taiyou
Type fountain pen
Material ebonite
Nib 14kt gold
Filling cartridge/convertor
Length 129/125mm
Diam 13mm
Weight 15/14gr
Packaging box, convertor, cartridge, cleaning cloth


Nib size/color/other



€ 470,00


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Eboya ebonite fountain pens are very particular. Unique design, clipless, minimalistic, without trim, and incredibly well made. An Eboya pen has everything you expect from a Japanese fountain pen. It is zen, pure, rich, sober, and masterful.  The ebonite material is available in particular colors, with a touch in beige, yellow, green, yellow-green, red, orange, and blue. Japanese ebonite is of high quality. It is free of foreign materials, it doesn’t contain air bubbles, and after polishing, it gets on an intense glossy shine.

The Eboya Kobue pen is available with a cap in two different colors : Taiyou (red) and Matcha (green). From slim to chunky, with flat or rounded bodies, they are all lightweights that fit comfortably in hand. And each cap fits seamlessly on the body!

The nibs are 14kt Bock and tuned by Eboya. They write softly with a perfect flow of ink.. The C/C filling system uses international ink cartridges and classic converters. Each pen is accompanied by an individual data card. With every Eboya fountain pen we provide a converter.

Note: Keep your ebonite pen in a case, box or drawer. Light or heat can cause discoloration. Ebonite becomes dull with age, as befits ebonite.

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