Izumo Akatame * Platinum

Brand Platinum
Name Izumo Akatame
Type Japanese fountain pen
Material ebonite, tamenuri
Nib 18kt gold
Length 154mm
Diam. 18mm
Filling cartridge Platinum,  convertor
Specials gold colored accents


Nib size/color/other

€ 960,00



  1. Izumo Akatame
Tame-nuri is an Urushi lacquering technique. "Tame" means "pool", and "nuri" refers to the Urushi lacquer coating process. Using the Tame-nuri technique, different layers of lacquer become apparent, revealing the underlying base as if you were looking into a pool. The Urushi layers are applied to the pen in different stages: substratum, single-coloured base layer, several transparent layers of lacquer, drying between the layers, burnishing and polishing. The polishing process can take several months, resulting in a shimmering black layer of lacquer through which emerges a red substrate. Over time, the black lacquer layer will lighten due to exposure to daylight and the red substrate will become even more pronounced. This ever-changing pen seems to become even more beautiful as time goes on.

Tested by Catherine: This fountain pen is an object to be cherished, with its unique shape, discreet yet sensual, somewhat longer than a standard pen, comfortable weight and well-balanced design offering wonderful writing comfort.

Important note: Urushi doesn't like direct sunlight, so keep your pens with their precious Urushi lacquer in a protected environment. A pen pouch, pen case or closed drawer is sufficient.

Izumo is a city in north-western Japan. Izumo means "towards the clouds in heaven" and denotes new beginnings and new ideas that hold out the promise of innovation and prosperity. Similarly, Platinum's Izumo is a new brand name that holds out the promise of new and beautiful ideas. Curious? So are we.

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