Iro-Miyabi Usukou Ishime-nuri King Of Pen * Sailor

Iro-Miyabi Usukou Ishime-nuri King Of Pen * Sailor

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Brand Sailor
Collection Iro-Miyabi
Name King of pen Usukou
Type Japanese fountain pen
Material ebonite, urushi
Technique ishime nuri
Nib 21kt gold
Length 153,5mm
Diam. 20mm
Filling cartridge Sailor, convertor 
Specials gold trims


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€ 2 200,00


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The Sailor King Of Pen Iro-Miyabi Ishime-Nuri collection with gold-colored trim has a structured surface that looks like sand. Ishime Nuri was developed during the Nara and Heian era as a symbol of wealth among the aristocracy.

The Iro-Miyabi colors have a symbolic meaning or express a deep-rooted value. Chitosi-Midori (green) is a symbolic color representing permanency and perennial youth, and long life. Samurai favored Fukaai (blue) as a lucky color. Suou (deep red) is a traditional and noble color much favored by Heian aristocracy. And last but not least, the Usukou (beige) color refers to fragrant wood, which was very popular during the Heian era.

Each Sailor KOP Iro-Miyabi Ishime-Nuri comes in a paulownia box with a Sanada-strap. It is complemented with a cleaning cloth, two black cartridges, and a converter.

The Sailor King Of Pen is a majestic pen, Sailor's flagship model. It has a robust and sober design, carefully balanced and mounted with a great 21kt nib for an excellent writing experience. Each KOP is made in ebonite and covered with several layers of urushi. Urushi involves a delicate technique and precious materials and requires considerable craftsmanship and time to complete the painstaking work of applying perfect layers.

Important note: Urushi doesn't like direct sunlight, so keep your pens with their precious Urushi lacquer in a protected environment. A pen pouch, pen case, or closed drawer is sufficient.

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