Feel Verde Antico fountain pen * Scribo

Brand Scribo
Collection Feel
Name Verde Antico
Material resin, platinum trim
Nib 18K gold
Feed ebonite - 2 capillaries
Filling piston filler
Length  148 mm
Diam.  17 mm
Weight  35 gr


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€ 740,00


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Scribo Feel fountain pens have an original look, perhaps a bit bold, but they lay perfectly in hand. They are made with lovely materials, are well balanced with a comfortable grip, and come with 14kt or 18kt gold nibs. The nibs are of high quality, buttery smooth, with a bit of bounciness, and write at every start. If you are into calligraphy, you should try the Scribo 14k flex EF. A superb experience when you have the right writing practice. Scribo Feel pens have a piston filling mechanism and hold about 1,5 ml of ink. Each new Feel release is made in about 219 pieces or as much material can be used.

Scribo, an acronym for Scrittura Bolognese, is a young Italian brand in writing instruments but it is not without experience. Former workers from the hart of Omas put hands and minds together to create a new brand with only one goal: to make beautiful writing instruments that lift up your handwriting to the next level. (Some think they are the reïncarnation of Omas. Omas gained a massive reputation and expertise in making pens with exquisite nibs.) With their passion and perseverance, Scribo intends to evolve further because they are convinced handwriting is essential!

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