Emperor White Rabbit Namiki Limited Edition 2023 * Namiki

Brand Namiki
Collection Emperor limited edition 2023
Name White Rabbit
Lim. Edition #32/100 pcs
Material ebonite, urushi
Technique Shishiai-Togidashi-Taka-Maki-e
Artist Masahiro Yamada
Nib 18 kt gold M
Filling eyedropper
Length 184 mm
Diam. 18 mm
Weight 47 gr
Packaging lacquerd box, ink bottle, eyedropper
Price €12340
Export price out EU €10198,35


Nib size/color/other

€ 12 340,00



To celebrate the 105th anniversary of the Namiki group, Pilot Namiki is launching this White Rabbit Emperor limited edition '23, made in Shishiai-Togidashi maki-e, the most complex technique of this ancestral art. Since Antiquity, rabbits have been interpreted as auspicious creatures, and the artisan Masahiro Yamada decided to stage the legend of the white rabbit of Inaba and the deity Okuninushi on a background of lacquer and platinum powder. 

The Hare of Inaba myth goes back to the 8th century. It was described in the first of three sections of the Kojiki, which outlines the foundation of Japan before the birth of the first Japanese emperor, Jimmu. The Hare of Inaba myth emphasizes the struggle between the kind Okuninushi (later the god Onamuchi) and his wrathful eighty brothers as a symbolic representation of civilization and barbarism in an emerging Japan.

Myths are historico-cultural documents of enormous importance. Living myths always carry a religious truth. But a myth loses its function if the social environment changes because the worldview on which it was based no longer exists. Mythologists search to reconstruct the original text by analyzing the ruins of the narrative, a kind of archeology.

Myths turn into fairytales. We found this cute video with the tale of the White Hare of Inaba. Please scroll the pages!


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