Earth Magic 2.0 RT Momento Zero Grande Dutch Pen Show Special Edition * Leonardo

Earth Magic 2.0 RT Momento Zero Grande Dutch Pen Show Special Edition * Leonardo

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Brand Leonardo
Name Earth Magic 2.0 DPS SE
Type fountain pen
Material acrylic by Jonathan Brooks
Nib 14kt rhodium
Filling piston filler
Specials Dutch Pen Show Special edition

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The Dutch Pen Show has collaborated with Leonardo Officina Italiana to create this stunning Leonardo Momento Zero Grande in a color combination called 'Earth Magic 2.0', developed by Jonathan Brooks' Carolina Pen Company.

The Dutch Pen Show color theme 2021 was "brown," referring to the Bruijning couple who founded the show in 2019. Warm chocolate brown with cool royal blue creates a stunning contrast, making this pen a feast for the eye.

The pens are equipped with a piston filling system and a 14kt gold regular nib or the optional flexible Elastic nib with the logo of the Dutch Pen Show. The engraving reads: "Dutch Pen Show 2021 Exclusive," and the limited edition number of the pen is printed below it. There will be 50 copies available with gold trim and 50 with silver trim. The pens will be shipped in a sleeved box with a complimentary bottle of ink. 

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