DFII. Dorsal Fin II Heki-Tamenuri * Nakaya

Brand Nakaya
Name Dorsal Fin vers. II
Technique Heki-tamenuri
Type Japanese fountain pen
Material ebonite
Nib 14kt gold
Length 150 mm
Diam.  17 mm
Filling cartridge, convertor
Packaging paulonia box, kimono, cartridges, convertor

expected aug - oct'22

Nib size/color/other

€ 1 800,00

coming soon


The Dorsal Fin II in heki-tamenuri has a special shape. By building up urushi lacquer on both sides of the pen, Nakaya created a kind of small sword. Dorsal Fin II pens are made in very limited numbers and on an occasional basis. So it is always special when they arrive. They never stay long though ...

Tame-Nuri : "Tame" means "pool", and "nuri" refers to the lacquer coating process. You can actually see through the layers of clear Urushi lacquer to the underlying red Urushi base as if you were looking into a pool. Once the coating process is completed, the surface is polished over and over by hand to obtain greater transparency. The entire process can take several months. When the polishing process is complete, you see the coloured Urushi background even more clearly. The result is quite amazing. Over time, the lacquer layers will lighten due to exposure to daylight and become even more pronounced. The layers of varnish and the colour will then stabilise.
Important note: Urushi doesn't like direct sunlight, so keep your pens with their precious Urushi lacquer in a protected environment. A pen pouch, pen case or closed drawer is sufficient.

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