Daikokuten * Seven Gods of Good Fortune * Namiki 100th Anniversary Limited Edition 2019

Art Maki-e
Brand Namiki
Collect. Seven Gods of Good Fortune
Name Daikokuten - God of abundance and land
Lim. Edit. #150
Artist Mamoru
Technique Taka Maki-e
Nib 18kt M
Filling cartridge, convertor


Nib size/color/other



€ 4 860,00


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DAIKOKUTEN - God of abundance and land - is the embodiment of Shiva, the Indian deity for Hindus. He is the example of Ryobu Buddhism that integrated indigenous Japanese traditions into Chinese Buddhism. The body of the pen is decorated with Daikokuten sitting on a rice straw bundle, carrying a large bag on his back and holding a magic mallet that grants wishes. The cap stars a mouse, which symbolises numerous descendants. Created by artist Mamoru.

In 1918, the Namiki Manufacturing Company had a strong desire to promote the Art of Maki-e. Created around Gonroku Matsuda, the greatest master of all time in the art of Maki-e, the Kokkokai craftsmen group was formed in 1931 in Ootsuka. The group concentrated its efforts on research, development and improvement of the quality of lacquered fountain pens. Kokkokai means light of the nation, and each member of the group has specialised in different techniques, that are passed on from generation to generation. They all share a common point of view: the same vision of developing and pursuing traditional arts and crafts.

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