Curidas Urban Green retractable fountain pen * Platinum

Brand Platinum
Name Curidas Urban Green
Type fountain pen
Material acrylic
Nib steel
Filling cartridge, convertor
Specials retractable nib with push mechanisme


Nib size/color/other



€ 87,00


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The Platinum Curidas is a fountain pen with a retractable steel nib. The nib emerges or retracts with one push on the button. An ingenious system ensures that the nib is safely stored when withdrawn, and it makes sure the pen doesn't dry out. If the clip bothers you too much, it can be removed with a little tool that comes with the pen.

With its 140mm length, the Curidas is considered a longer pen. The interior is slightly visible through the transparent resin, which is available in different colors. The pen fills with ink cartridges or a Platinum converter (not standard included). You can choose the steel nib in EF, F, or M, and they all write super smooth as befits a Japanese pen. The nib lineage are Japanese style.

To fill the pen, turn the body of the front piece. Take the entire system - nib, housing, and refill - out of the front part by pushing it slightly forward and giving it a quarter turn. Afterward, repeat to separate the ink from its protective sleeve. Once the pen has been inked again, repeat these steps in reverse order.

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