Cross Concord * Sailor 1911L GT Special Nib fountain pen

Cross Concord * Sailor 1911L GT Special Nib fountain pen

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Brand Sailor
Name 1911L GT Special nib Cross Concord
Serie fountain pen
Material resin
Nib 21kt Cross Concord
Filling cartridge, convertor
Length 140/124mm
Diam 11/10mm
Weight 24gr


€ 825,00



The Naginata Cross Concord is equipped with a fine writing, double layered nib with a cross point design on the tip. It provides broad calligraphic stroke in the upside-down position. This is a wet and broad writer.

The Sailor special nibs or Specialty Nibs are real prestige writing instruments with which Sailor conquered the world. Nobuyashi Nagahara san created nibs with different layers and invented ingenious nib settings that allowed characters to be drawn like bold or fine brush strokes. For the West, a whole new world opened up with perfectly made nibs that create writing lines that vary from extra fine to extra bold on the paper. The demand for specialty nibs, however, became much larger than the supply.

With a new President at the helm Sailor opts for a new approach. Starting from December 2018, Sailor will be launching an adapted line of 1911L Specialty Nibs with 7 special nibs which will be sold at a limited number of fountain pen specialists. The prices were adjusted accordingly and are comparable to pens within the Montblanc segment. More than justified for this type of customisation. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail for the exact price. These pens are all in stock at the store in Diest. Sold pens will be restocked according to a system determined by Sailor.

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