CP. White Roses Cigar Portable * Nakaya Maki-e

CP. White Roses Cigar Portable * Nakaya Maki-e

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Brand Nakaya
Name White Roses
Size cigar portable
Technique maki-e, urushi
Nib 14 kt gold
Material ebonite, urushi
Filling cartridge, convertor
Lenght 163 mm
Diameter 15 mm
Weight 30 gr

verwacht dec '21 -jan '22

Nib size/color/other

€ 1 700,00

coming soon


A popular color combination during the Edo period was red lacquer on a white background as found on ivory items painted with red urushi designs. It made a trend which was at the same time elegant, harmonious and expressive.

The roses of the Nakaya White Roses are painted in white urushi on  a shu (red) urushi background. The roses  are drawn with a fraction of space between the petals. It makes this Nakaya White Roses very elegant and particular. Note for the gentleman: don’t let the color nor the design startle you. With pens everything is possible!

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