CP. Silver Bokashi Ascending Dragon * Nakaya Maki-e

 CP. Silver Bokashi Ascending Dragon * Nakaya Maki-e

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Brand Nakaya
Name Ascending dragon
Size cigar portable
Technique maki-e, silver bokashi
Nib 14kt rhodium gold
Material ebonite, urushi, silver dust
Filling cartridge, convertor
Lenght 163 mm
Diameter 15 mm
Weight 30 gr

Expected dec '21 -jan '22

Nib size/color/other

€ 3 000,00

coming soon


The Silver Bokashi Ascending Dragon is made with different techniques. The body of the portble cigar is painted in an aka-tamenuri finish. It means that the surface is build up in several layers of shuai (translucent) urushi on top of a red middle layer. It creates a kind of transparency as if you can see through the layers. The next step is the Gin (silver) Bokashi technique by sprinkling very fine silver powders on top and end of the pen degrading towards the middle.The dragon is designed by Taka-maki-e (raised relief) by heaping up silver colored urushi. 

Important note : Urushi doesn't like direct sunlight, so keep your pens with their precious Urushi lacquer in a protected environment. A pen pouch, pen case or closed drawer is sufficient.

Nakaya ranks among Japan's oldest and most important producers of writing instruments. The history of Nakaya is closely tied up with that of Platinum. For one thing, the two companies share the same founder, Syunichi Nakata, who started out in business in 1919. In time, the brand name "Nakaya" disappeared and made way for "Platinum". Today Toshiya Nakata, the grandson of Syunichi Nakata, is the name behind both of these world-renowned brands.

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