Chou Kuro black pigment ink * Platinum

Chou Kuro black pigment ink * Platinum

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Brand Platinum
Name Chou Kuro
Type pigment ink
Colour deep black
Size 50 ml




€ 54,00


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The blackest black ink in Platinum Pen's history over 100 years.

Herewith a video of @inky-rocks! Note: the luxury boxes are no longer available.


With the growing interest in fountain pen inks in recent years, the variation in ink colors is also increasing. In response to the request for deep black ink, Platinum Pen has developed an ink that is the deepest black ink since its founding. The new ink, Chou Kuro, whose blackness has been proven by numerical values, offers a bright and intense black color, and allows notes to be preserved permanently. It is made with pigment particles that react with the mineral content of the paper as you write. In addition, the Chou Kuro doesn't bleed through the paper, is very water and fade-resistant, and is ideal for writing anything you want to keep for a lifetime. And it will become, without a doubt, a particularly fine vast value for sketching and drawing. Get ready to be in awe of this ink and enjoy black like never before.


* Use distilled water to clean the pen with Chou Kuro ink. This ink reacts with minerals in water.

* Shake the bottle before use.

* Don’t leave the ink in the pen when not used for some time.

* If you change inks, make sure the pen is clean! You don’t want to mix pigment ink with standard ink. Both have different compositions.


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