Chinkin Sakura * Namiki Yukari Collection

Chinkin Sakura * Namiki Yukari Collection

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Brand Namiki
Collection Yukari Chinkin Collection
Name Sakura
Material metal, urushi, 24kt gold
Artist Kokkokai
Technique Chinkin
Nib size 10 - 18 kt gold
Filling cartridge, convertor
Length 136/125 mm
Diam. 14/10mm
Weight 38 gr


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€ 1 350,00


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The Namiki Yukari Collection vividly expresses the nature of the four seasons, which the Japanese have been familiar with since ancient times, combining designs with various techniques such as Togidashi-Taka Maki-e, Chinkin, and Raden. While being a size that can be carried and used every day, it harbors Japanese beauty down to the most beautiful detail.

The Namiki Chinkin collection presents fountain pens in the Chinkin technique. It is an equally renowned Japanese decoration technique as Maki-e. The artist creates a pattern by engraving dots and lines of different sizes and depth on the painted surface. With a fine layer of urushi, 24kt gold powder is fixed into the design to bring the image to life. The delicate and subtle images with their striking three-dimensional aspect are typical of this technique. It all seems simple, but the Chinkin engraving technique requires the utmost concentration and does not allow any room for error.

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