Capless Graphite White * Pilot

Brand Pilot
Name Capless Graphite White
Type fountain pen
Material metal, lacquer
Nib 18kt white gold
Filling cartridge, convertor
Specials retractable nib, no cap


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€ 225,00


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The beautiful Capless Graphite series is designed according to the Japanese Kasuri method. Kasuri is a textile technique whereby parts of the fabric are covered so that the dye is prevented from penetrating the material. Using this traditional technique, simple visually aesthetic patterns can be created. 

Since its launch in 1964, the Pilot Capless has gained a reputation as a truly intriguing fountain pen. In many ways, it's a subtle combination of luxury and technology. For one thing, it was the first fountain pen featuring a pushbutton to release the nib. An ingenious shut-off system thus encloses the nib within the barrel to prevent the ink from leaking or drying out. With its perfect 18-karat gold nib, this is truly an innovative and stylish fountain pen for an amazing writing experience. This product can be refilled with Pilot ink cartridges or the supplied converter.

Note: The Japanese Pilot M nib is similar to the European M, while the F nib writes like a European EF! In short: M writes M, but F writes EF.


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