Battle of Ujigawa * Sailor Samurai Limited Edition

Battle of Ujigawa * Sailor Samurai Limited Edition

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Art Maki-e
Brand Sailor
Collect. Samurai
Name Battle of  Ujigawa
Lim. Edit. #3/33
Artist Ikki Moroike
Technique Togidashi Taka Maki-e
Material Ebonite, urushi, raden, gold, silver
Nib 21kt gold M 
Filling cartridge, convertor
Length 153 mm
Diameter 18mm
Weight 36gr
Packaging lacquered gift box with maki-e design


Nib size/color/other



€ 9 800,00


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Sailor presents the fourth fountain pen Samurai King of Pen Battle of Ujigawa. Ikki Moroiki realized a beautiful Maki-e animated fountain pen in Togidashi Taka Maki-e. This piece of art comes in an urushi lacquered box with a Maki-e design. Only 33 pieces worldwide.

The Uji river was a strategic point in protecting Kyoto, and historically many Samurai battles were held across the Uji River. The most famous of these Samurai battles, the Battle of Ujigawa, occurred on January 20, 1184, between Kiso Yoshinaka and Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

Yoshinaka held a "coup d'état" against Pope Go-Shirakawa in November 1183 and took control of the government in Kyoto. But he was not popular, and Yoshitsune was specially selected and provided with an army and ordered to track down and kill Yoshinaka and his followers.

In late January, the Uji river was swollen with melting snow and not easy to cross. Yoshitsune's men hesitated, wondering whether to detour or wait until the water level decreased. Suddenly two Samurai warriors came riding hard. Kajiwara Kagesue and Sasaki Takatsuna from the Yoshitsune troops, both on bold horses, were battling for the vanguard position, and Kagesue had a slight lead. Takatsuna called out to Kagesue, "Your horse girth is loose," while he entered the Uji river at speed, and Kagesue hurriedly tightened his girth. Takatsuna then cut through the rope with his sword and finally crossed the river ahead to take the lead in the battle. Yoshinaka's troops entered the river under a shower of arrows. Yoshitsune's men attacked from the rear, crossing the river on horseback and fighting for the best position against Yoshinaka's army. The battle at the Uji river was fierce. Yoshitsune's troops surged into Kyoto, defeated the Yoshinaka army, and killed Yoshinaka.

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