Aizen Amamoya, rainy mist * Taccia

Aizen Amamoya, rainy mist * Taccia

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Brand Taccia
Collection Aizen
Name Amamoya, rainy mist
Technique ishimeji kanshitsu, silver boskashi
Material ebonite, urushi, silverdust
Nib 14kt
Filling cartridge, convertor
Length 150mm
Diam. 13,8mm
Weight 30gr


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€ 1 190,00 € 950,00


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Aizen is the word to represent a landscape covered by cloud, fog, or mist. The time of day is deciding its color. The density of the mist is giving it its mysterious looks. The scenery of endless mountains evokes an overwhelming and solemn atmosphere.

The Taccia Aizen Amamoya fountain pen represents a rainy day scene and wonderfully fuzes mountains and fog by using the Ishimeji Kanshitsu technique covered with Bokashi silver dust. The ishime finish is matt and soft at the touch. With the light changing, the darker parts show twinkles as tiny dewdrops in sunlight.

Each pen comes in a large Paulownia wooden box with a pen kimono, cartridge, convertor, and polishing cloth. The 14kt duotone nib, made by Sailor, can be chosen in EF, F, MF, M, B, Z, or Music (or what we have in stock.) The Taccia Aizen series is a limited edition of 288 pcs and will be available in the next following months.

Kanshitsu are cured (urushi) lacquer layers that are pulverized into a granular powder. Sprinkling the kanshitsu on a semi-wet urushi substrate creates a granular surface associated with a sand or stone texture. Rough kanshitsu results in a robust ishimeji, fine kanshitsu in a soft ishimeji.

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