Aitetsu Iro, Izumo Iro Urushi * Platinum

Aitetsu Iro, Izumo Iro Urushi * Platinum

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Brand Platinum
Name Aitetsu iro
Type Japanese fountain pen
Material ebonite, urushi
Nib 18kt 
Length 154mm
Diam. 18mm
Filling Platinum cartridge, convertor


Nib size/color/other

€ 1 440,00



Platinum Pen introduces Aitetsu Iro Urushi, a Wajima urushi lacquer fountain pen from its Izumo brand series that embodies traditional Japanese techniques. The gentle luster and smooth texture unique to urushi are created by polishing the lacquer after application, which only skilled artisans can achieve. Indulge the best of traditional Japanese craftsmanship with a modern vibe.

Aitetsu Iro
During the Edo period, subdued colors became popular as they were considered “Iki,” which is a Japanese aesthetic concept that can be defined roughly as “chic or stylish.” The unobtrusive greenish-blue color is produced by applying a dark red iron over dark blue indigo. Brown and gray colors were popular in the Edo period, but indigo was also widely appreciated as a typical Edo color. Hence, the Aitetsu iro color, which combines both indigo and iron colors, was particularly preferred for its unique unobtrusive beauty.

The 18kt gold rhodium plated nib has an exquisite, delicate feel and a responsive touch, ensuring beautiful handwriting regardless of the pressure applied while writing. After nearly a century of experience producing high-end writing instruments, Platinum created the nib design with a slightly harder and moderate resistance; this nib is suited to heavy-handed writers and those with a delicate touch.

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