75 ink-sample-cards * Sakura InkMagique

75 ink-sample-cards * Sakura InkMagique

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Brand Sakura InkMagique colab Viking 1914
Name blanc cards 
Size  85 x 55 mm
Material prof drawing paper 308 gsm




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It's important to have good paper for your ink cards: not too thick and not too thin, absorbent but not too fast, white but not too white. After extensive tests, we opted for Viking 1914 308 g Professional Norma paper that enhances the full colour of the ink. One box contains 75 cards with dimensions 8.5 x 5.5 cm. They fit snugly in the Rillstab display pockets.

N.B. Viking Norma paper is permanent paper. The colour won't change, nor will the structure.

You can make ink samples with a cotton tip, but you get better results when you apply the ink with a (flat) brush.

This is how Marjolein does it:
At the top 2x stripes, in the middle 1x stripe and at the bottom 1 stroke with a dab of water. That way you can create variations of saturation and colour.

The Nick Stewart way:
While the ink is still partly wet, apply a motif and/or a text using a dip pen with a bleach mixture (half water - half bleach).

Instead of painting, you can tastefully decorate the cards with motifs, dashes or drawings of your choice. Alternatively, you can create text cards with various types of writing instruments or other artistic tools, such as a glass pen. 

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