2. Spencerian Penmanship, copybook 2 * Mott media

2. Spencerian Penmanship, copybook 2 * Mott media

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Brand Mott Media,usa
Name Spencerian Penmanship
Material paper
Type copybook 2
Size 21,5 x 17,6cm - 24 pag




€ 7,00


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The Spencerian script has a reputation for being one of the most beautiful writing styles and one of the easiest to pen down. The fifty-two-degree slant is carefully chosen as it provides the best writing speed, and the seven basic strokes to form all the letters add to the convenience of this system. Once you've mastered these basics, you can develop your style, especially in the curls of the capital letters. 

There is much to be said about handwriting, or writing with pen and paper. The human brain processes and stores according to its constitution and capacity. Language and writing are critical to all of this. So, in short: "writing is important." You may take that seriously.

Mott Media in the US relaunched these iconic Spencerian Penmanship Theory and Practice Books. With these, you can practice the Spencerian script at home. The booklets, from 1 to 5, contain instructions and example words to copy on the relevant line markings. Practice makes perfect, and that also counts for writing.

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