1. Perfect instance * T E M P O Mobile

1. Perfect instance * T E M P O Mobile

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Brand Tempo Mobile
Name 1. perfect instance
Type kinetic mobile
Material aluminium, brass
Colour Blue
Size W374mm H950mm
Weight 260g
Designer Lisa Bernasconi




€ 220,00


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Tempo Mobile is a Japanese brand established in 2013. It collaborates with designers in Japan and overseas to develop moving mobiles with unique shapes and structures that float between space and time. Each mobile is carefully hand-assembled in a small Japanese workshop to ensure a perfect balance.

The Perfect Instance mobile comprises two anodized aluminum discs with an opposite split to intersect. A metal bar separates the two plates so they are at a reasonable distance and do not touch each other. At the end of each disc is a weight to hold them in place, allowing the two plates to turn freely on themselves with the wind.

Mobiles are kinetic sculptures. Cascaded in a fine balance, the moving parts sway elegantly in the subtle breeze creating a reassuring atmosphere and a unique rhythm by repeating itself in silence.

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