Catherine Van Hove

In her own words: "I had my artistic training and a passion for pens, and all I had to do was take all that to a higher level. Thanks to a combination of the right opportunity and the right contacts at the right time, I was fortunate to discover the art of the Maki-e, which opened up to me a whole new fascinating and intriguing world. And the transition from Japanese Maki-e to Russian Lacquer Art was a logical step.

Japanese Maki-e and Russian Lacquer Art are not only about history, people, symbols, tradition and craftsmanship, special techniques, exceptional talent and perseverance, but also about reality and life as depicted in works of art ranging from simple, moving everyday scenes to complex compositions, all transmuted into masterpieces. That is what moved, touched and inspired me to find out more and to better understand these art forms. It was through my research that I came in contact with some leading specialists. The world of Japanese Maki-e and Russian Lacquer Art, to say the least, is amazing and unique."





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