Tsubaki-Mon * Kamakura-bori * Sailor

Art Kamakura-bori
Brand Sailor
Collect. Kamakura-bori
Name Tsubaki-mon Syu nuri
Lim. Edit. #8/10
Artist Tadashi Komiya
Technique wood carving technique, urushi
Nib 21 kt gold NM
Filling cartridge, convertor
Lenght 195 mm
Diameter 22,5 mm
Weight 60 gr
Price €3900 iso €4840

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Sailor Kamakura-bori “Tsubaki-Mon”. Limited Edition #8/10.

Flowering Camellias sculpted in magnolia wood, coated with several layers of urushi in a Shumaki-finish. With its length of 195mm the ‘Tsubaki-mon’ is an imposing pen.

This Kamakura-bori pen is accompanied by a beautiful wooden box. The lid is decorated with a sculpted flower and two ‘Camellia’ pen rests in red urushi complete this set. The special urushi coating “ Shumaki-nuri” is composed by sprinkling wild rice powder into the urushi. It gives the urushi a soft structure almost invisible but yet present and adds a very special glow with a three dimentional impression to the sculptured object.

Kamakura-bori technique is a traditional wood carving technique which finds its origin from the sulptors of Buddha and the lacquering on carved Buddhist objects.

The artist who creadted this pen is Tadashi Komiya. He was born in 1952 and studied the basics of Kamakura-bori at the “Kamakura-Bori Training High School”. Afterwards he was educated and trained for many years by a famous artist Seigaku Kiuchi. In 1984 he became an independent artist and established and headed a workshop in 1988. He has created various objects such as trays, plates and furniture as well as writing instruments.

This Sailor 'Tsubaki-Mon' is the only Kamakura-bori pen in Europe and to be admired in the Sakura FP Gallery.

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