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Martin Pauli is the president of “The Angular Momentum & Manu Propria” founded in 1998 as an independent one-man manufacturer. Martin Pauli stands for very exclusive custom made watches, handmade on historical machinery without any CNC interference. All working steps from case making to the artwork is done by his hands only. He does not depend on any supplier. He is a master in “verre églomisé “, reverse painting-on-glass a uniquely difficult and skilful art which requires precision, patience and ingenuity. Each watch by Martin Pauli comes with vintage movements which can run for 15 to 20 years before they need servicing. But Martin Pauli is more than a watch maker!

In December 2013 Martin Pauli founded the “Manu Propria Fountain Pen” brand, following the tradition of Japanese fountain pens using traditional ebonite material and urushi lacquer. Lacquerware stands as one of the most distinctive forms of Japanese beauty. As an European lacquer artist he allows himself to combine Japanese and Western handy craft techniques and influences in order to create the Manu Propria pens to his own Suisse touch. And believe me he can!

His work is of a very high level and his pens are astonishing. I had the opportunity to meet Martin Pauli and visit him at his atelier at Bern, Switzerland. Mr Pauli is a very skilled, dedicated and creative person. His atelier is full of well maintained and reliable historical machinery for case making, engraving, enamelling, calibrating,  and many more things. In the middle stands a small table with urushi in small cups ready to be used for lacquering. It is here that Martin Pauli creates his fabulous Manu Propria pens.

Manu Propria pens are expertly hand-turned with a manually-operated lathe. Each pen comes with a Manu Propria Maki-e signature, tastefully applied on the barrel end. Each pen is packed in a tasteful black box. In the inside a hand sewn white pouch with a mother of pearl button, neatly held down with two white straps.

The designs of Manu Propria pens lean on Japanese style fountain pens which are rather large of size and without clip.  Manu propria pens are custom made and uses 18 kt gold nibs. The pens are cartridge/convertor filled with a resin feeder for the standard and medium pens and an ebonite feeder for the large pens.

Handling a Manu Propria pen will make you deeply appreciative of the workmanship that goes into crafting each pen. Manu Propria fountain pens will keep their value and are very hard to find. You will particularly enjoy the fact that you are using a pen that very few people will recognize. These pens are valuable because of their relative scarcity and the knowledge and craftsmanship that goes into making each pen.

With the Manu propria fountain pens Martin Pauli makes a signature, with his own hands, by crafting beautiful urushi lacquered pens. As an European lacquer artist he allows himself to combine Japanese and Western handy craft techniques and influences to his own Suisse touch. Please welcome, love and collect your own “Manu Propria” fountain pens.

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