Ikki Moroike

Ikki Moroike was born in 1962 in the Ishikawa Prefecture. After he graduated in 1980, he was apprenticed to the renowned Maki-e artist Master Ikkou Kiyose in Kanazawa. In 1986, he started his own company in Kaga City and joined the Kanazawa Lacquer Arts & Crafts association. Since that year, he has won first prize three times. He joined the Yamanaka Maki-e Lacquer Arts & Crafts association, and five of his works of art received lifetime achievement awards in Kaga City. Two of his works were selected by the city of Yamanaka for a permanent exhibition. No fewer than four times, he has received the highest award of the Yamanaka Maki-e Lacquer Arts & Crafts association. In 1988, his artwork was selected at the Japanese Traditional Lacquer Arts & Crafts exhibition, and in 1994 one of his works was purchased by the Japanese imperial family. Since 1999, he has been an official member of the Japanese Arts and Crafts Association.

Ikki Moroike is a member of: 
• Japanese Art Craft Association
• Kanazawa Lacquer Work Association
• Kanazawa Lacquer Art craft Industry and Commerce Cooperative Association
• Kaga Art Association
• Yamanaka Lacquer Art Craft Maki-e Association

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