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Maki-e techniques are complex and very labour-intensive. The average production period for a pen can be anywhere between 2 and 6 months, sometimes even much longer. The Maki-e Shi who are commissioned to illuminate these exquisite writing instruments are well-known in Japan and are very much in demand. And not only for pens. They therefore divide their time among different artistic projects. And producers also market a range of different designs. The cost price of these pens is also an important factor. The raw materials for customised high-end Maki-e pens are rare and expensive. And the fees charged by a Maki-e Shi master reflect the quality of his work. For this reason, these craftsmen usually produce high-end Maki-e pens at a time: items that have been reserved and a 1 or 2 extras. Pens can also be customised on request.

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