You-kou * Sailor Limited Edition

Art Kawari-nuri
Brand Sailor
Name You-kou
Lim. Edit. 33 pcs
Artist Wataru Kurotobi
Material ebonite, urushi
Technique Hakeme-nuri, goldleaf, raden
Nib 21 kt gold
Filling cartridge, convertor
Lenght 160mm
Diameter 18mm
Weight 23 gr
Specials gold trims

Available #7/33

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€ 4 180,00


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Nature offers a plethora of wonderful scenes and stunning images, with colours and nuances of seemingly endless variety. Mr Wataru Kurotobi crafted this exceptional yellow Sailor “You-Kou” fountain pen. He has drawn inspiration from his studies and captured a variation of colour, light and shades of the life-giving “Sunlight”.

Several coats of yellow urushi lacquer are applied at the naka-nuri stage and polished before the addition of gold leaf. More viscous yellow urushi is applied and the wave patterns are formed with a soft brush in the still wet urushi (hakeme-nuri). After drying and burnishing a clear urushi is painted and the pen is finally polished.

Wataru Kurotobi-san has used the traditional Kawari-nuri technique. It is a collective term for a lacquer technique that creates structures on an object. This technique is said to have its origin back in the fief system of the Edo periode (1615-1868) when local craftsman used a range of techniques to decorate the sword scabbards. After 1876 this urushi technique was applied to many other items.

Sailor pens are made exclusively in the company's workshops in Hiroshima. This Japanese penmaker has a proud heritage of more than 100 years of outstanding craftsmanship and dedication. Sailor is renowned worldwide for its 21kt nibs that offer an unrivalled writing experience.

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