Yokaze Sculpture Ebonite fountain pen * Sailor

Yokaze Sculpture Ebonite fountain pen * Sailor

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Brand Sailor
Collection Sculpture Ebonite
Name Yokaze, Night wind
Material Japanese ebonite
Nib 21kt gold
Filling cartridge, convertor
Length 162/148mm
Diam. 17/11mm
Weight 42/27gr
Packaging Yokaze ink, 2 cartridges, convertor, polishing cloth, certificate


Nib size/color/other

€ 1 065,00

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The Sailor Ebonite Sculpture fountain pen range was created with the idea of ​​taking a pen with you at the end of the day and spending the night writing. Each Sailor Ebonite Sculpture fountain pen body is carefully machined with mechanical engravings and sandblasting to develop three types of sculptures, each expressing an impression of the night.

Sailor Ebonite Sculpture Yokaze (Night Wind) has a mechanical engraving with beautifully deeply carved vertical lines that express the wind that blows on a calm night.

The anthracite black bodies are long compared to the standard Sailor pens. The clipless cap has a stopper we saw earlier with the 110th-anniversary collection. The pens have a 21kt gold nib in F, M, or B and come in a black box with an inkwell, converter, two ink cartridges, cleaning cloth, and certificate. This series is not limited but is delivered sporadically.

An appropriate black ink accompanies each fountain pen. And whoever thinks black is black ... ?! Yokaze was conceived with a blue-black ink with the image of an indigo-blue-grey moonlit night in mind.

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