Umi-ni-Uguisu * Sailor

Brand Sailor
Name Umi-ni-Uguisu (Ume tree & warbler)
Type Japanese fountain pen
Artist Kosen Oshita
Technique Hira-Maki-e
Material resin
Nib 21kt gold
Length 141mm
Diam.  18mm
Filling Sailor cartridges, convertor
Specials gold trims


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€ 1 100,00


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Sailor is known worldwide for its writing instruments and unique 21kt gold nibs. This eminently Japanese brand has a proud history of more than 100 years of excellent craftsmanship. Sailor creates fountain pens for everyday use and collector's items featuring the magnificent Maki-e technique.

The Sailor Umi-ni-Uguisu features a simple but beautiful plume blossom with a warbler sitting on the branch. This pen is created with Hira-Maki-e by Kosen Oshita. It has a detail in blue seashell and the branches are sprinkeled with fine powders and square gold flecks. A lovely pen for a lovely person.

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