Ukifune - A Boat Upon the Waters - * Sailor

Art   Maki-e
Brand   Sailor
Collect.   Chugu
Name   Ukifune
Lim. Edit.   50
Artist   Misako Azumai
Technique   Kyo-Maki-e
Nib   21kt Nagahara Cross Point 
Filling   cartridge, convertor
Lenght   160 mm
Diameter   18mm
Weight   -
Original price : €9000,-
Available with 21kt B nib !

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€ 6 600,00


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Ukifune - based on chapter 51 of "The Tale of Genji".

You can read the whole story here :

For the Chugu series, Sailor has created three fountain pens featuring the prestigious Kyo Maki-e technique. These masterpieces are based on the majestic King of Pens profile and are made of ebonite with a 21kt Nagahara Cross Point nib. This series of three pens is limited to 50 pieces worldwide. Each of these pens is devoted to a chapter of the Japanese novel "The Tale of Genji".

The Maki-e lacquer is applied to the pens by a Kyo Maki-e artist, Misako Azumai. Mrs Azumai was born in Kyoto and studied lacquer techniques at the renowned Kyoto School of Traditional Art. Her work first attracted attention at the MIA exhibition in Italy and became very successful. She learned the traditional Kyo Maki-e techniques under Master Tadao Kunieda, but she has also developed her own special technique which is highly appreciated for its delicate, feminine style. Since 2007, her name has been closely associated with the Sailor Pen Company, whose range of pens has been greatly enhanced thanks to the Kyo Maki-e technique.

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