Tama-Mizu Chousui fountain pen * Taccia

Tama-Mizu Chousui fountain pen * Taccia

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Brand Taccia
Collection Tama-Mizu
Name Chousui
Technique hakeme nuri
Material ebonite, urushi
Nib 14kt
Filling cartridge, convertor
Length 150mm
Diam. 13,8mm
Weight 30gr


Nib size/color/other

€ 1 190,00



The Taccia Tama Mizu fountain pens depict clear water flowing from the mountain. The splashing water, in streams or creeks, playful and whimsical, reflects the color of the moment. A delicate urushi water pattern was applied to each Tama-Mizu pen and finished with a glossy topcoat. The flowing water becomes visible by playing with the incidence of light.

The Taccia Tama Mizu Chousui in a blue hue represents the clear blue water flowing down from the mountains.

Each Taccia fountain pen has a 14kt gold nib and is available in EF, F, M, B, Music, and Zoom (or whatever we have in stock.) You can fill them with Sailor ink cartridges or a Sailor converter. The beautiful wooden box in which the pen is packed comes with two ink cartridges, a converter, and pen kimono.

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